10 best websites to download free softwares in 2022

10 best websites to download free softwares

We need softwares for our any perposes such as video editing, photo editing, designing, coding , web development etc. Some softwares are free for download and use. But some of them are Paid and it may be very expensive which we can’t effort it. But there are some website on the internet where you can … Read more

Urban presets lightroom mobile free download

urban presets lightroom mobile free

Millions of people are having their hobbies, passion is photography they are taking lots of pictures whenever they got chance to click pictures. That picture may be any kind of part of Earth. They are uploading all pictures on whatever Platforms that they like. But all clicked pictures are not perfect for upload And Editor … Read more

mountain preset lightroom mobile download for free

mountain preset lightroom mobile

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful image editing software that allows users to organize, edit, enhance, and share their images. This program has been used by photographers for years but now it can be used by growers as well. With mountain preset lightroom mobile, you can easily adjust your lighting, exposure, contrast, color balance, and other … Read more

15 august photo editing special background & PNG’s

15 august photo editing.jpg

¬†As you 15 august is very nearing day by day, my editor’s friends want to rock this special national event by Editing and uploading very cool photos on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. But for 15 august photo editing, you need some background and PNGs related to these national events, hence editors … Read more