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mountain preset lightroom mobile

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful image editing software that allows users to organize, edit, enhance, and share their images. This program has been used by photographers for years but now it can be used by growers as well. With mountain preset lightroom mobile, you can easily adjust your lighting, exposure, contrast, color balance, and other settings. You can use mountain preset lightroom mobile then you can see the amazing result in your photo that you clicked whatever your reason.

Lightroom is the most powerful photo editing software developed by Adobe. Firstly Lightroom software is launched only for PC means it is for Windows and Mac operating systems. Because of this Lightroom software is used on PC only.

And due to that reason, Lightroom is recommended for mobile users hence Adobe launched Lightroom software as a Lightroom Mobile App for those users who they don’t have pc/laptop.

Lightroom Mobile app is very recommended for all users because this app has very simple user interface and it is very easy to use.

Lightroom Mobile was released in 2016 – Adobe’s first attempt at creating a mobile photography app. In this version, users can import images from their devices or select them on the go. These images are then synced to Lightroom Classic CC desktop software where they can be edited.

Adobe launched the Lightroom Mobile app for mobile users a lot times. And Lightroom also updates its older version as a new version. and here is the biggest update Lightroom 6.0 is available for Android users. Download Lightroom 6.0 new updated version. 

What is Presets?

Lightroom is a very popular photo editing app because it provides a lot of tools and features to edit/create something extraordinary by using its skills One of that features is ”preset”. By using this feature you can copy all settings in a given preset photo and can paste settings as it is in our photo. And after pasting the settings in our pictures, our pictures will automatically be edited by using this feature.


Mountain preset Lightroom mobile

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People who love Photography, who are passion photography, they captured a lot of pictures for their passion. But all photographers want to face a problem i.e. they can’t get a perfect shot. 

But we can make awesome pictures by editing or retouching or also applying Mountain Lightroom preset.

For that here is a Lightroom preset i.e. Lightroom  Mountain preset which makes it more creative to your click.

If you are a travel photographer and capturing photos of a mountain, hill, forest, nature, open sky, etc . Then this preset is suitable for your click.

And you also check to apply to your other types of your pictures. Because sometimes your normal raw pictures also make more creative as you don’t think.

This types of retouching are now trending in all social media platforms and any paid platforms such as Behance, Shutterstock, istock etc.

Therefore by using this preset you will make some creative pictures. And also you can famous for your trending creativity.


Features of Mountain preset Lightroom mobile

  • High-quality premium preset
  • Premium colored preset
  • preset have Premium features
  • Supportable in Lightroom mobile
  • Free Download
  • No Password
  • No bugs

About Download the Mountain preset Lightroom mobile

Actually Mountain Lightroom presets are designed to work off-the-grid with your camera. They can be used on any device that has an Android operating system (phones/tablets) and will save you time in image processing and organizing your images. Mountain  Presets are built from scratch based on our experience and knowledge of photography. You can use them immediately after downloading them. There are no limits or restrictions on how many times lightroom mountain preset you can use in your photos. 

Before and after effect on applying mountain lightroom preset

checkout the following photos that show before and after the effect by applying mountain preset lightroom mobile on your photos.

mountain preset lightroom mobile
before and after mountain preset lightroom mobile

This blog is about how you can download mountain preset lightroom mobile in a .DNG and .XMP formats for desktop and mobile use.


System requirements for mountain presets

To use this mountain lightroom preset you want requirements in your mobile. below are the requirements.

  • Lightroom premium 6.0 installed
  • Android KitKat 4.0 or above
  • At least 1Gb RAM
  • Free space in device up to 4Gb 


How to download mountain preset Lightroom mobile

To download/use this mountain Lightroom preset, there are two different types of files i.e. .DNG and .XMP files.

Some users prefer. DNG files and some users prefer .XMP files hence I provide both of them.

To download mountain presets in .DNG format, click on the following button.


 To download these mountain presets in .XMP format, click on the following button.


How to use mountain presets lightroom mobile?


Download all free lightroom presets

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