Top 10 free photo editing software programs in 2022 for free to use

Top 10 free photo editing software programs in 2022 for Computer

Top 10 free photo editing softwares

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All the Creator, graphics designer, photographer, blogger, social media influencer, animator, webmaster, developer need a such type of photo editing software to create their own creativity as their interested feilds.

That why for master in your field/interest, you need atleast any one software according to your need. 

Hence for that, I give list of top 10 best free photo editing Softwares. 

So here, you can choose any of that according to your need/choice/interest.

The list that I provide of top 10 best free photo editing Softwares are free for download and also use , As I’m provides a free download link that related to that software.

Here is the list of top 10 best free photo editing software programs in 2021.


Top 10 best free photo editing software programs in 2021 :-


1.) Adobe Photoshop :- 


Adobe Photoshop is the best and most popular photo editing software launched by adobe Inc.
Most of the people use adobe photoshop for their normal and advanced uses.

Because of Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing software. All creators uses adobe photoshop for their works.

Mostly all types of creators used this softwares because of this software has very user friendly. 
This software has some great tools which is really awesome and very easy to use.
And also other reason to popular this software is that all types of tutorial videos are available on social media platforms like YouTube.
2. ) GIMP :-

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is almost similar to adobe photoshop, but sometimes the Adobe Photoshop is paid softwares but this is a open source software.

 its interface is very easy to use as like adobe photoshop. 
Hence this software for very popular for photo editing but mostly this software is recommended by beginners.
By using features and tools of this software you can retouch, colour grading, colour adjusting , photo cropping and more other types of features can used.
And also most of advanced users can recommended to this software.
Because in this software, you can do professional work as a your requirements.
This software is the best alternative of Adobe Photoshop, and comparaly better than adobe photoshop.
Check out for  Download GIMP
3. ) paint.NET :-
It is very easy photo editing software for all types of beginners creators. And this software is very similar to the microsoft paint because of this software/program initially created Washington University students as a replacement for Microsoft paint. 
But at a time of creating, the gone advanced and hence it could not be replaced as Microsoft paint.
Its interface is very close to microsoft paint hence it is easy to use with High quality outputs results.
If you are a beginner’s or you want to an easy user friendly interface’s software, then you should definitely try it.
Check out for Download paint.NET
4. ) Photo Pos Pro :-

Photo Pos Pro is the most popular photo editing software programs. Most of the Creators recommended this software for their editing work. 

As a name of this software suggest that the software program is very remmanded by pro , advanced creators. 
In this software, there so many interfaces and some advanced tools for extra advance work.
This software has High quality graphics hence it’s used for advanced editing as a requirements. 
Check out for Download Photo Pos Pro
5. ) Fast Stones Image Viewer :- 

Fast Stones Image Viewer is very popular and oldest software used/recommended by creators/users for colour grading , colour adjusting and basic editings.

We can use this software in two partial thats one is fast Stones Image Viewer and other is fast Stones Image browser. 
Basically this software is very easy interface hence it is very easy to use for any user which may be beginners or may be advanced or pro creator.
Normal editing work and basic retouching can be possible in this software.
And best of the think in this software is provides its new and older versions.
Hence we can choose/select any one of them by as per our requirements or as per sutaible for your PC/Laptop/Computer.
6. ) Photobie :- 


Photobie is a freeware program of photo editing of digital photos.
Photobie program of digital photo editing is also popular and oldest in photo editing software industry/feild. 
All normal editing tools and features are available in this software so hence you can use it in your photos as per your requirements. 
Also this software is very easy and it’s it’s interface is also user friendly. 
And the most important think in this software that is a lot of photo shop filters are available. So you can use it in your photos. 
Also in this software , you can edit or create high quality gif animation.
Check out for Download Photobie.
7. ) Pixia :- 
Pixia is a photo editing program which is also popular and oldest software in photo editing feild. 
This software has a normal and simple tools of photo editing such as cropping , addition of text on photo, collage making , colour grading, colour adjusting etc. 
Its interface is very close to microsoft paint means that it’s interface is user friendly. And hence is a very easy to use to begginer also. 
Also it’s interface looks like older windows operating system.
This software is also use for drawing perposes , because of that’s have many tools of drawing as like as Microsoft paint. 
And many others advanced tools for drawing are available here. 
So if you recommend drawing with editing then this software is best choice for your work.
Check out for Download Pixia
8. ) Inkscape :-
Inkscape is one of the best software used for photo editing. But mostly it is sutaible for windows platform because of this is open Source software to used for windows operating systems. By using this software , we can make, edit, create  vector graphics. And hence it is not suitable for beginners level creator/user, It is an expert level editing program, hence it is sutaible for an expert level creators.
Inkscape also supports creative commons meta-date, node editing, bitmap tracing, layers, XMP editing. 
Truely inkscape is a power packed digital photo editor.
Check out for Download Inkscape
9. ) Xn View :-

Xn View is a very popular digital photo editing program which is very powerful photo editing software as well as it is a very fast graphic browser. 

Xn View is provides a lot of tools for photo editing. It is a simple tools as well as advanced. 
And here most important is that the it supports 400 files format in the software and also browser. 
Here is the some extra features like scanning , screen capturing , transition and many effects. 
Check out for Download Xn View
10.) Fotor :-

Fotor is a photo editing platform which is the best for straightforward image enhancement. This software have all basic and advanced features of photo editing such as adjustmenting of brightness and also adjustmenting the saturation of photos that which we want to edits. 

It’s user interface is very user-friendly. 
In this software, there are a lot of templates are there, by this templates we can edit / create a photo as a requirement. 
Edited /created by templates in this software, is suitable for professional levels banner, greating cards etc.. 
Check out for Download Fotor 

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